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Can’t Seem to Digg Your iPhone Anymore These Days?

Digg has changed more than just its style recently, and apparently has left their third-party development teams screaming for a transition back to the old Diggs.  The bottom line is that the iPhone App does not work at all anymore.  I use to be an avid ‘Digger’ myself, until the iPhone came out and my RSS reading habits changed greatly.  This was also about the time where I stopped subscribing to feeds individually, and started using Google Reeder exclusively.  When  the official iPhone version of Digg came out, I became a ‘Digger’ once again.  The look and feel of the new iPhone App was so impressive that I modified my online reading behavior slightly, and starting ‘Digging’ into popular feeds once again.  I consider myself a member of theDiggnation and have even been part of the studio audience of “The Screen Savers” back in the day.  So when the iPhone version of the App stopped working, I Started Digging a little deeper to figure out what was the matter.  I did what any self-respecting iPhone veteran would have done:

It was this last step that proved that I was indeed not crazy.  The developer forums have been buzzing with requests to bring back the prior version of the APIs.  It appears as if the update to the Digg site had some unforeseen consequences.  Kevin Rose has eventweeted about some of the issues since he has taken charge earlier this year and has vowed that an update was coming that would resolve many of the issues.

Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2010 22:00:02 -0700
From: Digg Support
Subject: Re: [Contact Digg] Bug Report - General
Due to the launch of the new version of Digg and related bugs, the app
is not currently working as it should, but is and the app
should be fully functional shortly.
Thanks for your patience.
– Digg Support Team
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Learn more in our FAQ section:

Then I received the above response from the Digg support team, basically verifying my findings.  It appears that it is not only the iPhone App that is suffering from the ill effects of the redesign.  Several individuals of the Diggnation have spoken up and voiced their opinion on the redesign.  With all of the Buzz about Digg online lately, perhaps I should switch back my RSS reading habits, as I would have seen the issue with Digg posted a lot sooner if I was not depending on Digg itself to let me know what topics were trending hot.  With any luck, the iOS Digg App will be functional before Digg elects a new CEO to run the company.


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