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Mystery Island, Now Just a Message In the Bottle

Koingo SoftwareI typically get software update notices at least every other day (more so following OS X releases) for all of the Mac software I have purchased over the years. Typically the I make a mental note of the update and plan on downloading and installing at a later time. Not this time. I received an interesting correspondence from Koingo Software. They informed me of my prior purchases and let me know how to upgrade my existing license. Just the usual information from a company you bought software from. Then the interesting bit, a scavenger hunt. An old scavenger hunt that has been going on for some time now.  Apparently they have lost one of their original software titles a while back and are still looking for anyone that may have a copy residing on an old hard drive or backup volume. The software title in question was the original release of Mystery Island. You may recall the tag line: “Millionaire James Harvey has died and his son inherited it all. Now he is missing. It is your job to solve the mystery!” According to Koingo, the archive was originally 42 MB and was a .sea file called “Mystery_Island_Full.sea.” So I quickly ran over to a stack of old MacAddict (now MacLife) disks that I still have looking to see if the title was on any of the discs I still have. Sadly no. It is an intriguing situation as not very many current Apple customers have had Macs since that time. It would be interesting to know if you remember playing this game back in the day, and even more so if you happen to still have an original copy of the installer. You could now score $500 from Koingo Software if you do.


August 17, 2010 Posted by | Software | , | 1 Comment